Thursday, May 29, 2014


Sometimes I use GNU/Emacs.

Last time because I need to connect to a GNU/Debian box remotely and code there, from Windoze (Putty and so, no X). Sometimes I use Mercurial. That code is in a Mercurial repository so I need Emacs to manage it. But the default vc-hg.el requires some improvements.

So started coding.

Going to the git clone of Emacs code can see the log with C-x v d and l:

Going to the hg clone of Mercurial code and doing the same:

Ups! No --graph log ... Mercurial 2.3 admits the this option in core. Let's improve:

Modifying Emacs with this entry:

Modifying Mercurial with this entry:

And that's all !!

By the way, where does emacs hides the merge changesets ??

$ ./hg log --graph --template='{rev} {desc|firstline}'